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Anthony James
2004-10-26, 09:09
From: "Craig, James (IT)" <James.Craig (AT) morganstanley (DOT) com>
Date: Tue, 26 Oct 2004 12:05:48 +0100
Subject: [slim] Newbie playlist question
The problem with the playlists will be because of the setting for
"playlists directory" under Server Settings.
You can leave this blank if you're using iTunes - the iTunes playlists
will still appear but unfortunately the client playlists are then not
persistent (I can see why but I'd say this is incorrect behaviour).
AJ> by client playlists you mean those that are created on the client?
i didnt realise those were persistent anyway. I thought the
'playlist' was cleared when you pressed play again. I'll look into

I would guess that you keep your music in the default iTunes directory
(My Documents/My Music/iTunes I think?) and therefore SlimServer indexes
the whole music library as potential playlist locations (probably takes
a while!)
AJ> Actually in My Documents/My Music - i changed it. Doesnt Slim
look for where iTunes stores it's music so if i want my music to be
seen by both slim and itunes this will keep happening.

I'll have a play and see where i get to.

2004-10-28, 23:59
Anthony James wrote:

> I'll have a play and see where i get to.

Hit 'default' for iTunes muscic location, moved all the music files
into my music/itunes/itunes music and playlists are now working in a
sensible way. thanks