View Full Version : Slimserver on Buffalo LinkStation NAS

Matthew Flint
2004-10-26, 05:35
Greg Stumph wrote:
> Has anyone tried playing FLAC files through SlimServer from one of
> these boxes? I'm wondering if the processor has the bandwidth to
> handle the FLAC -> WAV conversion...

Ditto OGG. My credit card is poised, ready to invest in a LinkStation and
Squeezebox if OGG will work reliably. (I'd ideally like to use the wireless
interface too, if that makes any difference)

(Are the new graphical Squeezeboxes available in the UK yet?)


2004-10-26, 08:44
On Oct 26, 2004, at 5:35 AM, Matthew Flint wrote:
> (Are the new graphical Squeezeboxes available in the UK yet?)
Yes. I believe that all current stock in our resellers has the
graphics display.


Laurent Perez
2004-10-26, 14:41
sorry to pop in your thread, but I don't understand the difference
between the Linkstation and an external drive like LaCie ones : can
you run Slimserver "standalone" on this device ? (I mean if there's
some sort of builtin OS inside which lets you access the drive without
a server computer turned on)