View Full Version : New Baby?

2012-03-06, 12:52
Anybody heard about something called 'new baby'?

Have seen mention of it in svn!

I hope I'm not speaking 'out of turn'


2012-03-06, 13:15
Like this? Just sounds like a new hardware revision. If nothing else, at least it means that Logitech isn't letting the Squeezebox line die completely. Maybe they've found a way to manufacture one even cheaper than the current Radio.

Support for LiteOn light sensor in new Baby rev 7 (http://svn.slimdevices.com/jive?view=revision&revision=9613)

2012-03-06, 13:22
Yeah! I saw the mention of LiteOn sensor support as well.

The reference to 'new baby' does mention it's a revision but as you say, it does suggest that Logitech is still committed to the squeezebox line.