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Craig, James (IT)
2004-10-26, 03:51
Trivial but...
Running softsqueeze gets you the message that Softsqueeze is optimised
for 5.4 and you're running 5.4.0 so please upgrade.
Maybe that's just because it's not the proper release yet?

I like the 'your player was not found' frame with the link to
softsqueeze - but maybe the softsqueeze page should open in a new window
or within the right hand frame rather than taking over the whole window?

I'm pleased about all the fixes to do with iTunes library rescanning -
I've been meaning to post a message for a while asking why it didn't
behave as I was expecting!


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The current nightly build of SlimServer
(http://www.slimdevices.com/downloads/nightly/latest/) is a candidate
for an upcoming version 5.4 release. If you're interested in testing out

the build, please do so and post feedback to the list.

A caveat about this build - it actively modifies player menu preferences

in your slimserver.pref file. If you later revert back to an older
release version of SlimServer, your menu preferences may be in a bad
state. If you do intend to revert back to an older version, please back
up your slimserver.pref preferences file before getting the 5.4 release
candidate. (Windows users will find slimserver.pref in the server
subdirectory of their SlimServer installation. Mac users will find
slimserver.pref in /Library/SlimDevices or ~/Library/SlimDevices
depending on their installation mode - All Users or Current User. Linux
users will find their preferences file at /etc/slimserver.conf.)

A summary of the change log for this release includes:

* Menu changes:
o The home menu has been simplified and shortened. The
top-level items are Now Playing, Browse Music, Search Music,
Playlists, Internet Radio, Settings and Plugins.
o Plugins are now placed in different menu categories - Games,
Screensavers, Internet Radio, etc. The Internet Radio plugin
category is now at the top-level.
o As always, player menu preferences can be customized using
the web interface.
* Radio plugins:
o New plugin: Slim Devices Picks.
o New plugin: Live365 Internet Radio is now part of the
default installation.
o Shoutcast Internet Radio and radioio remain with small
* New streaming formats:
o Ogg streaming is now available on all platforms. Create a
playlist file pointing at an Ogg radio station and enjoy
your vorbis.
o Windows Media streaming (including ASX and WPL playlist
parsing) is now available on Windows.
* Softsqueeze 1.10:
o Music search contributed by Brian Hein (alpha status).
o Simpler configuration dialog.
o Several bug fixes.
* Firmware 40:
o Fix a problem with 32 character long SSIDs.
o When reconnecting, the player tells the server if it
rebooted. The server will now only restart streams if the
player has rebooted.
* Various bug fixes and improvements

For a detailed change log, please check out