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=?iso-8859-1?b?Sm/pbA==?= Messmer
2004-10-25, 23:18

how can I easily change a SlimServer if a have more than one ?
Is there a way without restarting the SqueezeBox ?


Robin Bowes
2004-10-26, 02:55
On Tue, October 26, 2004 10:19, Simon Turner said:
> I too run two Slimservers and swapping between one and the other is a bit
> of a pain as I have to reboot the SB... but what mostly slows down the
> process is the IP addresses, as I have fixed IP addresses the SB expects
> me to key in each IP address number separately, which I really should not
> have to do as it remembers my IP settings... but if I could continually
> press the right hand arrow button and it moved through each individual IP
> address number this would speed things up considerably. Currently I have
> to click the right arrow individually for each individual number.


Try pressing the Fwd (>>) button.