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2004-10-25, 16:46
Actually, start up and shutdown are quite easy. There are
boards (like dashpc.com) that have a serial header and the
startup and shutdown commands as soon as it detects power.

I've had one of these in my car powering a box that runs a
low-end linux box that I can play some older linux games
while at car shows.


>>> graham (AT) ridgworld (DOT) com 10/25/2004 5:41:28 PM >>>
yep, you are prob right about the PC. The whole start/stop thing would
quite difficult. However, the controls for the keg are rubbish. All
can do is next or prev playlist. So the way I use it is to stick 20 or
albums on it and play them in sequence. Not very imaginative!

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> If you are used to the Keg, which uses your headunit to navigate,
> on
> and resumes playing at the last point in a track, etc, I think that
> are
> going to find the whole "PC in a car" thing rather tiring, tedious
> frustrating.
> I had an old NEO MP35 in my car before buying my Phatbox and the
> limitations
> on the NEO were enough to drive me over the edge, I can't even
> putting up with a PC in the car.
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> Looks interesting.
> I guess the blessing of 'we are ok with this' would be good so it's
> viewed as competetive (a la Roku!).
> I am def interested if a small batch run is possible.
> How does it work in terms of running the PC? Is it on all the time
> (running
> the batt down), or does it shut down and start up?
> Graham
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>> Graham Ridgway:
>>>I am a phatnoise aka kenwood musickeg user. I like the concept,
>>>unless you have a high end kenwood head unit (and I don't know even
>>>you get zero facilities. You can basically only build playlists on
>>>and in the car only scroll through them sequentially. Also the big
>>>phatnoise hard disk units cost a small fortune and I object to not
>>>able to just bung a bigger disk in!
>> I wanted to use "standard" components where I could (both in
hardware and
>> software) and for that reason it runs as a standard PC with an IDE
>> harddisk running SlimServer. With the amount of effort that's gone
>> SlimServer, I think it makes a good base, even if some tweaks might
>> needed for in car use (I haven't made any yet and I'm not sure I
>> personally need to).
>>> I would be very interested in a unit that put a slimdevice-alike in
>>> car esp if it came with the blessing of the nice guys at slim
>> I should make it clear that the device is independent of Slim
Devices and
>> as such will not be supported by them. For that reason, I'm not sure
>> would give it their blessing as such.
>>> How do I go about making one Richard??
>> At the very least you'll need a parts kits as whilst some of the
bits are
>> "off the shelf", the case and three PCBs are custom designed and
built. I
>> could publish the details but they're not buildable by a hobbyist so
>> reluctant to do that. If I get enough requests, a parts kit or a
>> batch run would be the way forward...
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