View Full Version : Help - Everything has disappeared

2012-02-27, 21:37
I added a couple CDs to my library, rescanned for 'New and changed Media,' went out to my living room and discovered that everything is gone. When I select something like 'Genres', the next screen also says 'Genres', then there is nothing. Same for everything else (e.g., Artists, Albums). I came back to my computer and discovered that Logitech Media server shows "0" for every category under "Media Library Statistics." Same thing with the online Logitech Media Server. Going to 'Settings,' then 'Information' shows "0"
across the board.

I hit Rescan again for 'New and Changed Media' and it swirls for a second, but nothing happens. I even tried Recanning with 'Clear Library and Rescan Everything.' It swirls for a couple second, then stops and still nothing in my library.

I would certainly appreciate any help if anyone has it.


2012-02-27, 21:47
OK, did the one thing a computer amateur like me knows to do - Restarted. When I brought Logitech Media server back up, everything was back. Weird...