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Meshoulam, Arnon
2004-10-25, 09:55

I integrated your changes into the slimserver area and verified that all
utf8 tags are working (externally with a test program)
When I started testing with Slimserver, it crashed on some files. To
verify it wasn't the changes, I downloaded another copy to production,
cleared the cache and tried again.
Just repeated the same with clearing the .conf as well, and it has
seemed to resolve it.
Now I will go back to my old version :)


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Arnon - I don't quite understand what's going on here - are you trying
to use
a UTF-8 tagged FLAC file against the released server, and it's breaking?

Your first message seemed to indicate that there was an ID3 tag in the
FLAC file as well.

Can you upload the first part (you can interrupt the upload) of the file
to the usual place?


* Meshoulam, Arnon <arnon.meshoulam (AT) intel (DOT) com> shaped the electrons to

>Output of --diag
>P.S. Running against SoftSqueeze 1.5
>Can't use an undefined value as an ARRAY reference at
>/usr/local/slimserver_prod//Slim/Player/SqueezeboxG.pm line 123.
>Can't use an undefined value as an ARRAY reference at
> /usr/local/slimserver_prod//Slim/Player/SqueezeboxG.pm line 123
> (F) A value used as either a hard reference or a symbolic reference
> be a defined value. This helps to delurk some insidious errors.
>Uncaught exception from user code:
> Can't use an undefined value as an ARRAY reference at
>/usr/local/slimserver_prod//Slim/Player/SqueezeboxG.pm line 123.
>Slim::Player::SqueezeboxG::linesPerScreen('Slim::P layer::SoftSqueezeG=A
>RAY(0xf6c9dfdc)') called at
>/usr/local/slimserver_prod//Slim/Player/Player.pm line 220
>Slim::Player::Player::power('Slim::Player::SoftSqu eezeG=ARRAY(0xf6c9dfd
>)',1) called at /usr/local/slimserver_prod//Slim/Player/Player.pm line
>Slim::Player::Player::init('Slim::Player::SoftSque ezeG=ARRAY(0xf6c9dfdc
>') called at /usr/local/slimserver_prod//Slim/Networking/Slimproto.pm
>line 326
>Slim::Networking::Slimproto::process_slimproto_fra me('IO::Socket::INET=
>LOB(0xf6ca0eec)','HELO','\x{3}\x{0}\x{c7}\x{b4}\x{ e4}\x{f4}\x{19}\x{c}\
>{80}\x{0}') called at
>/usr/local/slimserver_prod//Slim/Networking/Slimproto.pm line 234
>Slim::Networking::Slimproto::client_readable('IO:: Socket::INET=GLOB(0xf
>ca0eec)') called at
>/usr/local/slimserver_prod//Slim/Networking/Select.pm line 116
> Slim::Networking::Select::select(0.773928880691528 ) called at
>/usr/local/slimserver_prod/slimserver.pl line 434
> main::idle() called at /usr/local/slimserver_prod/slimserver.pl
>line 377
> main::main() called at /usr/local/slimserver_prod/slimserver.pl
>line 849

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