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2012-02-27, 00:55
Hi all,

As has been noted previously Napster UK is closing down. I have been a happy customer of the 5 unlimited streaming and 5MP3 package for several years, but this will be no more. I have checked with Napster and the 5 per month "Napster Unilimited" package will not stream to Squeezeboxes, so my options seem to be:

- Stick with Napster, pay 10 a month for 128Kbps streams, lose my MP3s but gain mobile access which I don't need ... but know everything will work (probably)

- Move to Spotify with 320KBps streams for 10pm. However, as I understand it only the official plug in will allow different Squeezeboxes to play their own Spotify streams. As I have a combination of players can I use the 3rd part plug in alongside it and have different streams in different rooms that way?

Is there any other option people are considering? I'm a bit peeved that I will have to pay double to get less - but wouldn't mind better sound quality along the way ...

I's be very interested in people's thoughts...

2012-02-27, 03:04
Where did you pick up that the 5 package won't stream to Squeezeboxes? I know the e-mail implies it (by listing it as an feature of the 10 package), but this image on the Features page (http://www.napster.co.uk/more_about_napster.html), suggests the 5 package can.

Images of the Unlimited vs Mobile features...

2012-02-27, 03:09
I got the answer from Napster customer support:

Thanks for contacting Napster Customer Support.

Once the transition to Rhapsody occurs, the Napster Unlimited Plus Mobile plan for 10 per month would be required in order to access your account from your Logitech Squeezebox music players. While there are plans on improving the audio quality, the link below will provide the technical details as to what is currently being provided.


Please let us know if you have any further questions.

I've found contradictory information elsewhere which is why I asked directly...


2012-02-27, 03:12
Wow... thanks for investigating! It looks like we're all in the same boat!

2012-02-27, 09:19
Curioser and curioser - I've just found this page on Napster:


This seems to explicitly say that "Napster Unlimited" (5) will allow streaming to "connected home devices" - I've emailed support to clarify ...

2012-02-27, 09:54
Can't talk about terms for the UK but here in Germany the difference between the "big" and the "medium" packet (I believe the expensive one is mobile-something) is that with the more expensive version you can download music to an iPhone/Android phone for offline listening.

2012-02-27, 10:48
Worr y over... I just had another response from Napster :

Thanks for contacting Napster Customer Support.

We apologize for any confusion that may have been caused between the information from our FAQ link,http://www.napster.co.uk/product_info.html
, and the email that was sent out on*24/02/2012

We would like to confirm that you do not have to select the Napster Unlimited plus Mobile plan to continue your music streaming experience through your computer and/or Logitech Squeezebox device. Selecting the Napster Unlimited plan at 5/month will allow you to keep the same music streaming features that you have right now. As explained in our previous emails, MP3 downloads will no longer be offered in the UK after relaunching the service which is currently anticipated to occur mid-March 2012.

Please let us know if you have any further questions.

That'll be the one to go for!

2012-03-05, 07:45
That's great news! Thanks for investigating!