View Full Version : Softsqueeze/server ahead of squeezebox

Russell Mulcahy
2004-10-24, 05:53
The news is that I posted too fast and the nightly (and an upgrade to
Softsqueeze 1.10) seems to have fixed it.

So please don't waste any brain cells on a reply!


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Dear experts ;-)

I run softsqueeze on my server (along with Slimserver) and a squeezebox over
a wireless network. It used to sync fine but now I get about a one second
delay on the hardware box. CPU at about 10%, Softsqueeze is 1.8 slimserver
nightly from the 16th (I will try last nights soon).

I can't quite tell when this started (perhaps when Softsqueeze went to

Anybody have any clues?