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Eric Gauthier
2004-10-23, 18:19
Bug filed, #634


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Quoting Eric Gauthier <EGauthier (AT) comcast (DOT) net>:

> Kevin,
> Thanks, sorry, but I downloaded the 10/22 version of RadioIO.pm and
> same issue. I think this is just a wrong port number in the %stations
> associative list in the plugin. Problem is, for the station I want
> (Acoustic) I don't know the appropriate station number (port number).
> Any help greatly appreciated. I am currently having to stream this
> over the web through my work VPN via Windows Media Player.
> If I can get slimserver working on this channel I can bypass the VPN
> and use my local Linux box (slimserver) to stream, increasing
> performance and reducing my impact on the corporate VPN. This greatly
> improves my life, and everyone else using the VPN!!!

yup, it seems the recent on DOES still have a duplicate id. i could have
sworn i saw a not that vidur fixed it, but I guess it was a similar but not
this exact problem. perhaps worth filing a bug report
(bugs.slimdevices.com), i think :) -kdf