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2012-02-19, 08:13
Hi - Looking to find out if anyone has gotten IR Blaster to work with
the SB Touch. I know this has been kicking around for a few years now
and in December 2011 it was addressed and it should work, but I have
not found a post indicating that a user actually got it to go. So I'd
love to hear if anyone is using IR Blaster with the SB Touch and what
their experience was. Here is mine to date:

I did some checking prior to buying the Touch and it is a supported a
player according to the IR Blaster Wiki with limitations (no RAW
formats, no IR Learning, no Repeater). So I followed the wiki
instructions at http://wiki.slimdevices.com/index.php/IRBlaster . I
used Winlirc to create a native conf file (not RAW ) for my
remote/amp/receiver. I tested that file first with the SB3 and it
works great.

So I bought the Touch and was ready to roll....but no luck. It
doesn't work. I have the volume in LMS set to 100%. I am on LMS
Server: 7.7.1 r33751 and Touch firmware 7.7.1 r9558

I am wondering if there is some setting on the Touch I am missing or
if there is something else I need to do. If I need to do the Remote
Login to the Touch to put a file in there or anything, I can do it if
given some direction.

I can share my conf file for the amp/receiver. It is not in RAW format.

I love IR Blaster and i held back on getting a Touch until it
supported this feature. Really want to get it to work. any help
would be appreciated!


2012-02-20, 07:43
this thread is double posted - sorry.

this is the active thread: