View Full Version : Help: Squeezebox Classic will not communicate with my vortexbox.

2012-02-17, 11:11
Background of my system.
1. I use squeezepad on my ipad.
2. I have a squeezebox classic connected via ethernet into my apple airport router and network. The squeezebox is then connected via audio cables into my stereo.
3. My vortexbox 1TB system is connected via ethernet into my apple airport router and network.
4. New addition, I purchased a squeezebox radio.

Prior to my upgrading my vortexbox software to 1.10, everything worked great, yet I didn't have artwork. After I loaded the 1.10 software upgrade, my squeezebox classic stopped recognizing the music source. I replaced the two ethernet cables. I unplugged the squeezebox classic and reset it to the factory settings. I then used my squeezebox classic remote:

1. Set up Networking-good
2. Connect to ethernet network - good
3. Obtain IP automatically - good
4. Select a music source - (which is the IP listed on my vortexbox window on the my computer). I click on this and it says: Setup is complete! Go right to your squeezebox.

I then click the right button. It says connecting to server... Then it says that it "Can't connect to Server. Left to go back, right to try again.

Why can't I connect the squeezebox classic to the vortexbox? Both are connected to my network. I can access the files in my vortexbox via my wireless laptop so my vortexbox is on the network. I set up bliss and can change the album art on my vortexbox. The squeezebox classic is tied into the network with a new ethernet cable. Yet, why don't both the vortexbox and sb classic communicate?

Would appreciate any advice...

Thank you!

2012-02-17, 16:10
Try this (if not tried already), press & hold the LEFT arrow, enter Setup, scroll to your listed server, arrow RIGHT to connect.