View Full Version : Radio IO not displaying track info

2012-02-17, 01:28

Not sure if I have posted this in the right forum.

I use Radio IO quite a bit and for some reason the track information of the current song is no longer displaying for all radio io stations? Has anyone else had this or a similar issue? It is not displaying on my duet controller or the web interface.

The track info is working for other stations that provide this functionality so I'm not really sure what is going wrong, it used to work until recently!


2012-02-17, 11:19
I find that info from Radio streams in general is a bit hit and miss. I had a stream I used to listen to quite a bit. It's stream would give me the info all the time and then one day it stopped. All I can figure is it is something with the stream. Like you other streams would give info and still do.

I figure it must be something on the server end of the stream (i.e. the Radio Station).

2012-02-17, 17:56
Yeah I think you are right, I just noticed this morning that one of the Radio IO stations has full info. Ah well I might drop them a mail in case they aren't aware of the issue.