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2012-02-14, 01:24
From Mediafly:

Mediafly is discontinuing its OnAir service effective March 31, 2012. More information may be found at http://www.mediafly.com/2011/12/an-important-update-about-onair/

To export your existing OnAir subscriptions into an OPML format, just follow these steps:

1.) Go to onair.mediafly.com and log in to your OnAir account.
2.) In your browser address bar, paste the following link: onair.mediafly.com/opml.aspx
3.) You will be prompted to save or view the xml file, which you can then import into your preferred podcatcher.

2012-04-02, 21:40
what is logitech doing about finding a replacement service?

2012-04-06, 13:48
what is logitech doing about finding a replacement service?

Here's how you can access podcasts to play on your Squeezebox.

1) Go to DAR.fm and create an account.
2) Search for the show(s) that you want and click the "record" button. DAR.fm has a wide range of podcasts to select from. If the podcast you desire is not listed then click "Change the guide" link on the bottom of every page and add the podcast as a show. You'll immediately be able to record it.
3) Go to mysqueezebox.com and add the MP3tunes app
4) In the MP3tunes app go to Playlists and here you'll see a list of your shows that looks like this DAR-xxx where xxx is the name of the show. Click it and it will play. All new podcasts will automatically appear in this menu as they're published.

Let me know if you have any issues!