View Full Version : Squeezebox Clock

2004-10-22, 16:37
I'd be interested in an audiophiles views of whether there is a difference
in the sound quaility on the digital output when the volume is turned down
rather than up (set to fixed digital level).

I run a slightly tweeked server which dissables the internal DAC if the
volume is set to zero. Reason being that the DSP chip uses the same power
rail for the internal PLL (which provides the clock) and the other analogue
functions - DAC and analogue outs. This is good theory, but I am trying to
convince myself I can hear a difference!


Michel Fombellida
2004-10-23, 02:10
Hi Adrian,

I just tried with my SB connected to an external DAC (Benchmark DAC1) and
listening with headphones (Sennheiser HD650). I cannot hear any influence of
the volume setting when it is set to fixed digital level: volume all the way up
or all the way down i.e. muted, I cannot hear any difference in sound quality.