View Full Version : Estonian public radio WMA streams defunct?

2012-02-09, 13:54
I like listening to ERR Raadio 2 as they have some diverse & interesting music programming. I had the 128k WMA stream saved as a favourite along with the other public networks. Yesterday Raadio 2 would just get as far as 'Connecting...' but no further,although the other stations played as usual. This evening all the ERR WMA streams are dead.

I looked on Raadio 2's web site and found that the only stream links were for 128k and 64k AAC and a Real Player stream. None of them work in the Squeezebox, the AAC streams because they use the RTSP protocol.

So, as the WMA streams aren't listed, does this mean they have been abandoned, or is this just a temporary hiccup? I hope it's the latter as I'd hate to lose Raadio 2. Saturday evenings I like to listen to Talllinn Express, for example.

Thanks for any info on this.