View Full Version : Who is your favorite late night Talk Show host?

2012-02-07, 01:32
I am interested to know who are favorite non syndicated talk show hosts. There are many national syndicated hosts( Hannity,Coast to Coast,etc) but I do not know if there are many local hosts. For example, one of my favorites is Steve Leveille on WBZ Boston.
I also remember a host out of Milwaukee, Ira Fistell, who was very interesting. Where is he now?

Who are your favorite non-syndicated local all night talk show hosts?

2012-02-07, 15:51
No local late night people on the radio worth listening to around here...

But, as for syndicated, George Noory of Coast to Coast AM. I love that show. I have five stations saved as favorites as "back up" since my local radio station's internet stream is often unreliable. Can't go to sleep without it. Thankfully, the wife puts up with it. LOL

2012-02-07, 16:25
Thanks for the response. Yes, I know about George Noory and Coast to Coast. I like it but his topics aren't conducive to sleep for me. You might try WBZ Steve Leveille 12:00 est. He's interesting and funny.

2012-02-07, 16:28
Thanks for the suggestion. What's his "thing"? Political, conservative, etc?

Also, I like listening to local stations. There's so much damned "fluff" during the numerous commercial breaks, that I'd at least like it to be relevant to my area. Plus, any news. Boston doesn't help me in those areas here in Arizona.

2012-02-08, 08:15
Steve Leveille is very non-political. The broadcast is very light and sometimes comical. I enjoy that kind of entertainment late at night sometimes.