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Andrew Lucas
2004-10-21, 02:47

Good choice re the squeezeboxes, they are great.

If your tv's have spare scart sockets, all you need is a scart to phono
cable, then select the relevant input on your tv and it will be playing
through your tv's speakers..Remember and set the tv to stereo, if you have
it on a surround sound setting it will play all sort of tricks with the

A separate receiver/speakers would likely sound much better though unless
you have a really good tv...and you could have your tv sound through this
also if you wanted.


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Thanks one and all for the very useful answers - they have helped me be sure
I want to go for Squeeze boxes. The only other question I have at the
momement is how to wire up speakers in my rooms that also have surround
sound tv.

Ideally I would like to use the front surround speakers (driven off the
TV) as stereo speakers for the squeeze box. Without having to put in an av
receiver is there any way to do this or will I need separate speakers for
the squeeze box?

Many thanks