View Full Version : Can't get Title Format to show "filename.ext"

2012-01-29, 17:27
I have manually tagged all my classical music with long filenames to show the information I want. In versions 6.x.x of Media Server, when I chose "filename" as Title Format on both player and media server, they showed the full filename while playing. I can't do that on Version 7 (the logical one, "FILENAME", shows exactly that: FILENAME)

2012-01-29, 19:25
I don't recall the behavior on previous versions (because I display tag contents instead of the filename), but on 7.7.1 if I specify File.Ext I get both the filename and the extension.

2012-01-29, 19:32
Thanks! It only works if both words are in capital letters (FILE.EXT)

2012-01-29, 19:53
Okay, I didn't know that. For my test I just used the FILE.EXT that was already there in the options.