View Full Version : Edcast/Icecast streaming

2012-01-29, 08:05
Since it was hard to show people how to use squeezecenter with spotify/youtube and so on when I had a party at home, I searched for an other solution. I used wave input and ds-bridge but since my server were not at the same computer I came up with this:

I now use Edcast in conjunction with Icecast. I get a lag about 5 seconds but my sqeezeboxes play anything I input in my computer.

Edcast listen to "stereo mix" from the soundcard and it's streamed as a 320kbs ogg stream who I subscribe to in squeezecenter.

Works fine for me. Sometimes my boom loses the sound but never on my radios. if that happen I pause the stream on squeezecenter and restart it.

Anyways thought maybe someone might find it helpful.


2012-01-29, 13:51
I do the same thing from my mac with a program called Nicecast (costs money but much more user friendly than the Windows solution). It's a great way to 'futureproof' the Squeezebox when plug-ins don't work or aren't available.