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Simon Turner
2004-10-20, 15:13
As far as I know you can only add a replaygain tag per file using EAC... but
I don' think that the Squeezebox supported them yet.
I use:
--best --replay-gain -V -T "title=%t" -T "artist=%a" -T "album=%g" -T
"date=%y" -T "tracknumber=%n" -T "genre=%m" %s
which is a bit extreme on the compression and therefore slow... but does the
tags well... :-)

As for decoding of Flac at the Squeezebox (as opposed to Slimserver) please
add you vote (or CC) to this bug:

I believe that Sean will look at encoding when he has time, but that will
not be soon enough for the audiophiles on this list who think that their
Squeezeboxes could replace and improve on their very expensive CD players if
only the very occasional drop outs would cease. It is hoped that they will
cease when the Flacs are streamed over wireless, as opposed to the current
situation where wavs, which are about twice the size, are streamed. We live
in hope but do realise that even Sean must sleep sometimes.

I'm very interested in your impressions of the Audiotron as i nearly bought
one, but luckily decided upon the Squeezebox instead. probably not the best
use of this list though.

Simon Turner
Brighton UK

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Hi folks,

I hope this isn't too much of a "newbie" question. I did check all list
archives, at least.

I used to be an Audiotron owner, jumped ship for multiple SqueezeBoxes. I
used MP3 at a high VBR, and also used MP3GAIN to set album levels. Now that
I can use FLAC, I'm carefully considering it and have questions:

1a. flac and replaygain: How do you enable replaygain w/FLAC files?

I read that this is supported via a new qualifier in FLAC (in post
v1.1), --apply-replaygain-which-is-not-lossless=a, which you can place in a
SlimServer configuration file. Is this indeed the best way to set this up?
What's the best place to put this (on the SlimServer side) once you have the
correct version of FLAC? How do you know that this is actually being
honored by the FLAC decoder?

1b. What's the best way to encode with FLAC to set replaygain tags?

I'm currently using EAC, and I've set it up via MUSE instructions. This
works perfectly, and tagging works 100% fantastic. My expectation was that
I could do another analyze path to set the replaygain tags appropriately.
However, it appears that FLAC sets these on encoding only (with --replaygain
set). Furthermore, for accurate album replaygain tags, you need to specify
all files in the album on the command line. Now I'm stumped since EAC works

Is there a way you can have FLAC make a second pass (on already encoded
FLAC files) to set these tags? Or must you only do it on the encode phase?
If the encode phase, does this mean that I'd need to use EAC to WAV files
(thereby losing all tagging), and use foobar2000 or something to retag the
files once in flac? Or am I missing something?

Suggestions appreciated, thanks!

2. Status on native flac support in SqueezeBox firmware?

This has been brought up several times in the past. I'd expect the
current state is "being considered", since I've not seen anything new on
this. Is this still the state, or did I miss something?

Thanks much for the help, folks,

-- Jeff