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2012-01-24, 14:22
Hey folks,

I recently switched my library from my flac library to my equivalent mp3 library because the squeezebox furthest from the wireless router sometimes chokes with the flacs but is always fine with the smaller mp3s (I may also try bandwidth limiting on that squeezebox, but this was the first thing I tried and it's working).

Unfortunately, I found that my mp3s (which are lame encoded) do not play gaplessly on my squeezeplay devices (radios and touch). They do play gaplessly on my ip3k devices (SB3s and transporter). The same mp3s even play gaplessly in iTunes (a pleasant surprise) and have played gaplessly for years in long-time gapless applications like foobar2000. The same albums in their flac versions have always played gaplessly on all of my squeezebox devices - squeezeplay or ip3k.

I was surprised searching the forum that this hasn't been reported by anyone else, as things like this usually get people in a twist. So I'm thinking there must be something unique to my system, library or configuration such that it isn't affecting everyone. Still, given gapless works on the ip3k devices, even if I have something unique to my configuration, something is different about the squeezeplay gapless implementation which is making it less tolerant of whatever I have going on.

I'm running LMS 7.7 latest from svn on an Arch Linux system. My devices have the latest firmware (7.7.1-r9557 on the radios, 7.7.1-r9561 on the touch). Any help is greatly appreciated!



2012-01-24, 14:35
Could you look at the crossfade settings for the devices?
Works fine for me.

2012-01-24, 14:46
Crossfade is "None" which I think means the other crossfade settings will have no effect (in case they do, smart crossfade is enabled and duration is 10). Replay gain and bitrate limiting are also off.

I could probably make two contiguous mp3s available to someone to try on their system just to rule out something unique to my ripping/encoding/tagging process.



2012-01-24, 15:42
hmmmm. odd problem. My gapless mp3 (encoded with various LAME versions) all work as expected in all my players (including TOUCH and radio). I have lots of live concert mp3 albums that are very clearly gapless. Other than the crossfade that was mentioned, I'm out of ideas on the possible cause.

2012-01-24, 17:16
Here's an example lame tag in one of my mp3s. I dumped it to ensure it had the encoder delay and padding normally required for gapless playback (it does):

C:\Users\jgnagy\Desktop\01 The National Anthem (Live).mp3
Tag revision: 0
Encoder string: LAME
Version string: 3.98r
Quality: 80 (V2 and q0)
Encoding method: vbr new / vbr mtrh
Lowpass: 18,500Hz
RG track peak: <not stored>
RG track gain: -8.8dB (determined automatically)
RG album gain: <not stored>
nspsytune: yes
nssafejoint: yes
nogap continued: no
nogap continuation: no
ATH type: 4
Bitrate: minimal (-b) bitrate 32
Encoder delay: 576 samples
Padded at end: 1,788 samples
Noise shaping: 1
Stereo mode: joint
Unwise settings: no
Source sample freq: 44.1kHz
MP3Gain change: <none>
Preset: V2: preset standard (fast mode)
Surround info: none
Music length: 7,174,180 bytes
Music CRC: 3F71
Actual Music CRC: 3F71
Info tag CRC: DE0B
Actual InfoTag CRC: DE0B

2012-01-24, 18:14
do you by chance have any of the players synced? Are you transcoding mp3s? You can tell this by looking at the properties of a file being played on one of your problematic devices (info>more).

2012-01-24, 19:50
No syncing or transcoding here...