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Andrew Lucas
2004-10-20, 06:41
Jeremy etc,

An in-wall mountable version of the Squeeze with a smaller display and some
controls would be a useful addition to the range I think at some point in
the future, I would go with something like that in preference to a
standalone box, particularly if it could be persuaded to control lighting &
maybe heating too, how ace would that be....but today you'd have to take the
squeeze out of its box to mount it in wall and have to invent some bezels..

If you don't mind using wireless PDA's to control everything then you could
put all your SQ's and amps in a cupboard someplace and run speaker cables up
to your rooms, you wont be able to control the volume on the amps (easily)
but if you set the volume up right you shouldn't need to change them as this
would be the max output only, you would control the volume from the squeeze
interface. This would give you your dedicated SQ per room with minimum
visual disruption.

An alternative, Yamaha's Musicast may suit you better, this has in wall
mountable headunits with matching amps.

If you do wall mount the squeezes, remember to provide a means of getting
the DC to them..


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I need to make a decision very soon about what network MP3 player to go for.
I love som much about the Slimp3 and Squeezebox players/server sw but there
are some things I just cannot square.

Basically, I am about (in the next week) to wire my new extension. I am
flooding it with network cable and ideally want to have discreet mp3/dab
player capability. This brings me to my first question:

1. Can Slim devices work on a Cat 6 network? My installer can get hold of
Cat 6 at the same price as Cat 5e. If he puts in cat 6 then will I have a
problem? I do not want wireless as I runa g wireless network and I prefer
to stream down cable, especially as I will have several devices.

My next issue is around discreet installation. I have seen Slimp3 players
in wall mounted. That is cool. The new Squeezebox looks like it is not
meant to be in wall mounted, rather placed on a shelf, table top etc.

2. Is it possible to mount a Squeezebox in a drylined wood stud wall (I am
in the uk btw if that makes a difference as far as construction techniques

If not that mucks up my ensuite installation as the squeeze box will have to
be on a shelf. grrrrr. The alternative would be to have the master bedroom
device play into the en suite but then I cannot listen to different stuff
whilst I am in the bathroom to my missus in bed.

Amplification is my next bug bear. I really really really do not want to
have to put amps every where the slimp3/squeezeboxs are. I want a discreet
installation, with volume controlled from the slim controller.
I do not want to have to use two remotes or even worse use amps that do
not have remote control and have to get up to turn a knob. I have seen the
wall mounted amp mentioned elsewhere in the list but I have no idea of the
price or quality. If I am going to have to buy five/six amps I will have to
buy quite cheap ones from richer sounds or 2nd hand
- unlikely to have rs232 ports. If I rack mount them then I have to do all
sorts of extra stuff to support remote volume control with IR over cat 5/6
and who wants to do that? The issue is compounded if I use
Slimp3 players in wall mounted.

The new Exstreamer Gold has a built in amplifier but I am not sure if it is
available yet nor what price it is. It would be a perfect fit audio wise
but I think Slim is better from a software pov.

Of course, the headphone socket will drive speaker up to a certain level but
I have no idea what sort of speakers could be driven - I am looking
generally at bedroom/bathroom/kitchen applications, with in ceiling or in
wall solutions preferable. so...

3. What amplification solutions have ppl come up with, especially when
considering discreet usage 4. What active speakers could be an option, again
I am on a fairly tight budget so good value is essential

5. What are the differences between the Slimp3 player and the Squeezebox -
what would I miss by going for the former over the latter

I am sure other things will spring to mind but the above is enough for a
newbie like me to dump on the list just now :-)

Many many many thanks in advance for your help and I hope your responses
inspire in me the confidence I need to be sure in my choice.

Best regards