View Full Version : No more access to folders

2012-01-23, 07:54
I have upgraded the squeezebox server . the music scna bug has been fixed but a major problem appeared . there is no more possibility to browse your music through folders . only by album, genre, years, new entries, playlists ... Any idea ?

2012-01-23, 08:36
Browsing music folders works perfectly for me with LMS 7.7.1. Have you specified the folder(s) for your music library under Settings > Basic Info?

2012-01-23, 09:57
And have you waited untill the scan have finished, thats a setback with the new version you can't acess by folder untill scan is done.

And cue+file don't work in browse folder anymore , there is a bug about that in bugzilla .

2012-01-23, 10:35
Thank you very much for your replies . I am using the squeezebox server for 4 years and I use it extensively . But this time, I didn't check that the upgrade cancelled the music folder . I dindnt see it because the scan works perfectly with all my music but music folder didn't appear . I had only the possibility to choose albums, artists, and so on ...
Now it works perfectly !!!