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Neil Hastie
2004-10-20, 01:33
Hi Jules,

Thanks for the response, here are a few more details.

Normal idle temperature is approx 40C running the transcoder_proxy.pl raises
to 50C within 15 Minutes, killing the process will drop the temperature back
down again
within another 15 minutes.

I am running this on a 1300 AMD Duron with athcool implemented. My guess is
that the
frequent activation of the proxy is stopping the processor dropping into its
low power state.
Is it possible that the frequency of activation could be reduced if there
are no active clients
on the network ?

I am not so worried about the temperature rise in itself, it's the effect
this rise has on
heat and noise in the room that I am trying to minimise - I don't have a
dedicated server room
and as luck would have it the case fans kick in at around 45C.

BTW the 0.10 release with maudio is looking really good, a lot fatster start
up and seems to
give better performance on my system.



>Hi Neil.
>transcoder_proxy is part of the AlienBBC distribution - it's a small server
>process that listens for requests for streams, and provides them back to
>slimserver in the correct format.
>It should be spawned when you first enter the AlienBBC plugin, and will
>remain persistent thereafter. This is deliberate, in that it allows the
>.proxy to serve connections even when you're not running the plugin, which
>means that you can save playlists containing AlienBBC streams, etc.

>It shouldn't consume much runtime if it's idle, though. One of the other
>list readers, however, is trying to run AlienBBC and Slimserver on a
>Pentium class machine, and that's much twitchier. I've been discussing some
>suggestions with him to make it even more lightweight when it's idle, and I
>might get around to implementing them. However... my current viewpoint to
>date has been that it's acceptably lightweight, and therefore not a high
>Equally - the plugin checks for a proxy answering queries before spawning
>another one, so you shouldn't ever have more than one of them.
>I haven't a clue how the transcoder could account for that much variation
>in CPU temperature, however... It does wake up many times a second... but
>only very briefly, and then falls asleep again. Which is why (as you say)
>it doesn't consume a lot of CPU.

>What are you running slimserver on? And what's it's normal ambient
>temperature? I can't say I've ever been asked to optimise for thermal
>efficiency before - you should see the amount of heat my server room kicks
>out ;)
>-- Jules

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>Hi All,
>New Squeezebox owner here. (What a superb product!)
>I have been spending some time trying to minimise the power consumption
>of my linux server and have noticed something strange.
>If I have been listening to AlienBBC and then put my squeezebox
>into standby I find that the transcoder_proxy.pl process remains active.
>In fact it seems to remain active even after I have killed the
>slimserver process.
>Is this normal behavior ?
>On my system running the transcoder_proxy.pl process leads to a 10C
>in idle temperature. I have no idea why - it seems to consume very little
>I would like to find some way of reducing this other than running upstairs
>typing "kill" after every program.
>(AlienBBC 0.10, Slimserver 5.3.1)