View Full Version : How to see album art when browsing 'Music Folder' in Squeezebox Server?

2012-01-21, 23:34
(6+ year Squeezebox user here, but mostly a lurker on these forums...)

I've noticed for some time now that album art no longer is displayed in the web interface when browsing my collection via the "Music Folder" option (Home > My Music > Music Folder).

My music is organized in a typical directory structure -- Artist/Album/Tracks. When I select the artist and see the list of albums for that artist the album art is no longer displayed next to each album title. I believe this used to work, although I could be misremembering.

Also, when I select a specific album and see the list of tracks for that album, the album art is not displayed above the track listing. I'm certain that this used to work in prior versions of the server software. Additionally, this screen no longer has a button or other option to play all tracks from the album. Again, I'm certain that this used to be possible. But now I need to back up one screen (to the albums list) and use the Play button there if I wish to play all tracks from the album.

None of these problems exist when browsing Artists (Home > My Music > Artists).

Was this functionality removed in some past version of the server software? If so, why? If not, how can I reenable it? I've looked through the settings and have found none that seem to be applicable.

Squeezebox Server 7.7.1
running on Ubuntu Linux 11.04


2012-01-22, 00:00
Just FYI... Browsing folders as you describe in 7.6.1 on Windows 7 also shows no album art. I see I'm not the only Squeezebox user in Utah!

2012-01-22, 14:20
So this behavior is not limited to Ubuntu. I wasn't really expecting it to be -- but the verification is appreciated.

Does anyone have any suggestions to re-enable this behavior when browsing my collection via the Music Folder mode? The lack of artwork is annoying, but the lack of a Play All button on the track listing page is a bigger annoyance.

I'll consider manual editing of the HTML or Perl scripts if necessary.

2012-01-22, 15:33
Browsing using "music folder" asks the server for the "current" info about the folder and does this again and again each time you pick a "lower" directory <or if you are linux "account">

In addition each directory is checked to see if it exists in the databases that LMS normally uses. If it is not, it is parsed and added.

In my version, the artwork shows.


2012-01-22, 19:02
In my version, the artwork shows.

Which version of the server software are you running?

2012-01-22, 19:54
In my version, the artwork shows.

Are you still running 7.5.x?
IMHO there has been a change in 7.6.x in that BMF now only shows artwork after you open the track details, at least that's the behavior for me.
In previous versions it did show artwork for a folder once you opened the folder, similar to the behavior for Albums.

I thought this is one of the "onebrowser" related changes because using the CLI/SqueezePlay interface it's always been close to impossible to create a behavior similar to the Web UI and I thought the unification of interfaces might have caused a similar limitation for the Web UI, too.

You should probably file a bug on http://bugs.slimdevices.com