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2012-01-16, 15:18
Hello all

I have the ReadyNAS. I like it, but I still have two problems. I've talked to the producer about them, but no good answer so far:

1 The torrent client: I can download ca. 10 torrents, but after that, the system doesn't respond anymore.

2 The Slim Server: Always stops before all of my 14 000 files are registered.Unexpected stop etc.

All answers appreciated!



2012-01-16, 16:02
Which ReadyNAS model is it? I have the NV+, for instance, which I feel is too slow to run LMS (the server software) effectively.

For question 1, you should probably ask in the ReadyNAS forum, as it's got nothing to do with Squeezeboxes.

For question 2, perhaps you should post the log.

You'll find it here:
LMS web interface > Settings > Information > go to the bottom of the page > click "Scanner Log File".

2012-01-16, 16:05
And if the nv+ is on the slow side don't do 1 while trying to do 2 .

Same goes when trying to play music, the torrents can saturate the network troughput and the cpu

2012-01-16, 16:08
And a readynas duo is also very slow scanning.