View Full Version : Dell Digital Receiver / Amp

Lee Edward Armstrong
2004-10-19, 02:15
Hi There,

I have a Squeezebox and am rather pleased with it, however for an install in my
bathroom, i've already put some nice Linn Sweetspot speakers in, and was going to
use a squeezebox with an amp in hidden in a cuboard near by. However fnding a
small amp that is reasonable and doesn't cost a fortune is a pain.

So i've been offered a Dell Digital Receiver, similar to the Rio/Sonic Blue Receiver,
and this has an internal 10w per chanel amp onboard. Will it work with the
slimserver, as i don't want two different music servers.

Or does anyone know of a reasonable small amp, or power amp as it doesn't need to
have more than one input and the squeezebox does volume anyway.

Have seen the Cyrus range which have a nice current sensing technology which
switches on and off, but at 400-600 new and even 200ish ebay second hand old
models, its a bit costly.