View Full Version : Can't find Plug-In on the SB Touch Menu

2012-01-10, 08:04
I added a plug-in called Power Save. Plug-ins and Power Save (and a bunch of other plug-ins) appear in the Media Server Control Panel under Advanced --> Advanced Settings.

However, I could not find a Plug-In menu choice on either the SB Touch itself or the Web Remote Control.

Any guidance?

2012-01-10, 08:59
Look under Extras on the LMS web UI.

2012-01-10, 09:08
...under "Extras" on the Web Interface, I have four choices: Alarm Clock, Music Source, Image Browser and Info Browser.


2012-01-10, 09:25
How about Settings > Plugins on the LMS web ui? On the line for Power Save, is there a link for "Settings"?

Alternatively, there may be something under Settings > Advanced > Power Save. Note that on the web ui Advanced tab there is a drop-down menu for different advanced settings. Some people see the default starting point (I think it's Formatting) and just move on without realizing it's a drop-down menu.

2012-01-10, 09:49
From the Web Remote Control go to Settings on the bottom right. This brings up the same screen as Advanced Settings from the LMS Control Panel. What settings may be available w Power Save I do not know as I do not use it.

2012-01-10, 10:19
...I found the indicated settings on the SB Touch Web Interface under "Settings". All set - good to go.

Question: Should I see a menu choice for "Plug-ins" on the SB Touch device itself?