View Full Version : Play menu for Android Controller App?

2012-01-09, 04:23
Is it somehow possible to change the action when pressing a new song, such that it does not start instantly. I would much prefer that the play menu, that is now opened when long-pressing instead, is opened!
This would save a lot of annoyance as it currently is much to easy to accidently destroy the current playlist.

2012-01-09, 04:50
The free Logitech Controller App does not have such a feature.

The following third party Apps support exactly what you want:
SqueezePad (iPad)
iPeng (iPhone + iPad)
SqueezeCommander (Android)

In all programs you can define a default behaviour (Play, Add Next or Add to End) when clicking items - so when creating a playlist typically these programs are put into the "Add to End" mode.

SqueezeCommander + SqueezePad also have a mode, where the programm always asks you what to do, when you click a playable item.

I think such a feature is not available in iPeng - iPeng does have a "Party Mode" though, which disables any other feature in the UI that might destroy the current playlist.

2012-01-09, 15:09
Thanks for your answer. I actually already have the Squeezecommander, but I did not know about this possibility. It was a bit tricky to find this configuration (I was searching in the settings), but at the end I did. Great!