View Full Version : please make volume for each favorite adjustable

Lee Binder
2012-01-08, 17:18
why? Because several radio stations are (much) louder than others. iTunes offers that - very helpful feature ..


PS: I posted this here into "General Discussion" because it applies to both, MySqueezebox.com AND any Squeezebox device. I like my computer screen better than the one on the box (..) so I'd very much suggest this feature to be implemented into the web interface.

2012-01-08, 17:22
I recall that there has been a bug (enhancement) request posted on this for several years. You should vote for it.

Lee Binder
2012-01-08, 17:24
if you post the link into your next reply I can and will do so .. ;)

[EDIT]: 'adjustable favorite volume site:forums.slimdevices.com' in metacrawler did not bring about any result ..

2012-01-08, 17:48
It is filed as Bug 2431 (http://bugs.slimdevices.com/show_bug.cgi?id=2431).

Lee Binder
2012-01-08, 17:57
awesome, thank you aubuti! I just regged and voted.

People go over there and vote, vote, vote .. ;) (traxx.fm is so effin' loud .. )

BTW it's awkward that bugs.slimdevices.com is NOT linked to (not even *mentioned*) at forums.slimdevices.com (these forums' main overview page) ..