View Full Version : SB Classic & Boom Disconnect

2012-01-08, 12:02
I have a SB Classic, Boom and Radio.

For some reason the SB Classic and Boom are constantly disconnecting.

When they are off they are fine for a while, then they show 'cannot connect to server', then they connect again.

The same happens when they're playing, they disconnect, music stops, and they connect again.

The radio is having no problems at all, and plays constantly without any issues.

I am connected to SqueezeBox Server 7.5.1 running on a Qnap TS109. I have tried resetting the players (holding + and 1) and rebooting the server but they just won't stay connected.

These have been running on the same setup for about 18 months, and never a problem until now.

Anyone have any ideas?

2012-01-09, 03:30
I'd start by verifying there are no duplicate IP's on your network, checking every single device & IP.

2012-01-11, 13:40
Im having the same problems lately with my two Booms. All have separate IP addresses and used to work perfectly until several days ago...

2012-01-11, 16:21
I had a similar problem recently: 2 SB3s, 1 Touch & 1 Radio connected to SBS; from time to time one SB3 would lose connection with the server and would not reconnect without a server reboot.

It was not always the same SB3 that would lose the connection, but the problem did not affect the Touch or Radio. Each had a unique IP address.

To cut to the chase, deleting the SBS cache cured the problem.