View Full Version : Sirius XM App - can't get to work

2012-01-06, 22:19
I have a trial sub to SiriusXM internet streaming. I installed the SBox app and entered my trial sub username and password. The App installed fine, but I can't get the app to work.

One of two things happens: on the Player Screen (touch, SPlay, SB3, etc) the song info shows and the player pretends it's playing -- no sound, tho. Or, #2, the player screen shows an error message, such as: "Unable to retrieve channel info, Unrecognized error code, BEAD 110B" By continuing to press "Play" I can also generate other error messages on the screen, which I haven't tried to write down yet.

The Trial user/password info I received works fine on the computer player for Sirius and also works perfectly in the Ipad App for SiriusXM. I am up to date with SBox updates for the players and the Server.

Has anyone with a recent Trial Subscription had this problem and solved it?

(Of course SiriusXM's Support Advice offered numerous excuses, but none had anything whatsoever to do with my actual problem....)

Thanks for any help.....

2012-01-07, 13:28
I don't have Sirius anymore but did you enter your account info at mysb.com?

2012-01-07, 14:42
Yes, I did enter the username and password given by Sirius for the temporary subscription when the App was installed at mysbox.

Thanks for checking. It's sometimes something simple!