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Christopher Jacob
2004-10-18, 12:35
You can do...

Start -> Run -> cmd

....to get to the command line.


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> stop the server,
> run the following from a command prompt window:
> c:\program files\slimserver\slim.exe --d_plugins
> the resulting debug output will show you any errors found as the server
> loads
> the plugins. This needs to be done from the command prompt so that you
> get the
> debug from the startup. simply using the web interface after starting teh
> service is too late in the process to get the right info.

OK, here's where I show my ignorance. How do I get to the 'command prompt
window'. I tried the "Run" window but I just get an error message because
it chokes on the space after 'program' in C:\program files\... I also
typed Command into the run window and got a window called
Windows\system32\command.com, but it won't take the commands -
c:\program files\slimserver\slim.exe --d_plugins
'c:\program files\slimserver\slim.exe --d_plugins'
'c:\program files\slimserver\slim.exe' --d_plugins
"c:\program files\slimserver\slim.exe --d_plugins"
"c:\program files\slimserver\slim.exe" --d_plugins

all fail due to one reason or another (e.g. not a command file, batch file,

(I'm running Windows XP SP2)

I put a check in the plugin debug box in server settings/debugging, and this

yields entries like the one below for the Live365 plugin problem. It looks
like the plugin is not passing a URL that can be used.


2004-10-18 10:49:26.3263 Non-URL passed to updateCacheEntry::info
2004-10-18 10:49:26.3353 Backtrace:

frame 0: Slim::Music::Info::updateCacheEntry (/PerlApp/Slim/Music/Info.pm

line 887)
frame 1: Slim::Music::Info::setContentType (C:/Program
Files/SlimServer/server/Plugins/Live365.pm line 672)
frame 2: Plugins::Live365::playOrAddCurrentStation (C:/Program
Files/SlimServer/server/Plugins/Live365.pm line 1276)
frame 3: Plugins::Live365::__ANON__ (/PerlApp/Slim/Hardware/IR.pm line
frame 4: Slim::Hardware::IR::executeButton
(/PerlApp/Slim/Control/Command.pm line 209)
frame 5: Slim::Control::Command::execute (/PerlApp/Slim/Hardware/IR.pm
line 569)
frame 6: Slim::Hardware::IR::processCode (/PerlApp/Slim/Hardware/IR.pm
line 429)
frame 7: Slim::Hardware::IR::releaseCode (/PerlApp/Slim/Hardware/IR.pm
line 327)
frame 8: Slim::Hardware::IR::checkRelease (/PerlApp/Slim/Utils/Timers.pm
line 52)
frame 9: Slim::Utils::Timers::checkTimers (slimserver.pl line 407)
frame 10: main::idle (slimserver.pl line 40)
frame 11: PerlSvc::Startup (perlsvc line 1198)
frame 12: PerlSvc::_startup (slimserver.pl line 0)
frame 13: (eval) (slimserver.pl line 0)