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2004-10-18, 10:59
This is fine if your squeezebox is going to output the IR signal
to other devices. I'd like to see a way for slimserver to output
the IR from the server through a serial (or USB or parallel or
whatever) onto the IR wire. I have a server very near my wiring
hub. My slimserver would be a nice relay for IR, but there are
some distict designs...

1. For control of slimserver via a hardwire IR system:
User -> IR receiver -> IR wire -> slimserver -> squeezebox

2. For control of other devices not local to squeezebox:
User -> squeezebox -> slimserver -> IR wire -> IR blaster -> Device

3. For control of other devices local to a squeezebox that
don't have hardwaire IR, but have ethernet (wired or wireless)
User -> IR receiver -> IR wire -> slimserver -> squeezebox -> i2c
(geek) connector -> device

Are there others I am missing? I'd really like to investigate
option 2 a little more. This link generally addresses using
the squeezebox to receive IR commands in either 1 or 3, right?


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On Mon, 18 Oct 2004 09:52:13 -0700 (PDT), Brad Kent
<bkfake-slim (AT) yahoo (DOT) com> wrote:
> The squeezebox/slimp3 / slimserver could be a great
> platform to control the rest of my entertainment
> system.
> No cooler remote-control than a PDA or laptop!
> Is there a hardware mod to add an IR emitter to the
> squeeze or "original" SLIMP3?