View Full Version : "connection reset by remote host"

2012-01-02, 08:28
I've done some google searches on this, and also checked the forums...but I didn't see anything definitive.

Have had three squeezeboxes for coming up on three years now, and I don't remember seeing this message come up until recently.

Around three weeks ago, I migrated everything over to a new (much faster) computer, installed the newest version of LMS, and have been getting the "connection reset by remote host" message fairly frequently. I have also been doing a significant number of library rescans, while I shuffle various files around, and doing some re-tagging to clean stuff up. I will get a few hours of glitch-free listening, until the message pops up for the first time, and from then on it will appear more frequently with the music continually dropping out, or skipping randomly to another track. When I do a hard reboot of the computer, it seems to solve the problem for awhile, but invariably it eventually appears again.

Signal strength on all three units is between 75-99%. Any ideas/suggestions?

Thanks in advance for any help.