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2011-12-31, 16:55
I am contemplating building a new computer based either on Mint 13 or Precise Pangolin(both yet to be released I know) in 64 bit versions. I was curious whether there is a simple way to copy Logitech Media Server (LMS) settings over to the new system (presently using Ubuntu 10.10 64 bit). That is settings for LMS, plugins, plugin settings, favorites etc
I realize this probably isn't feasible I am just doing a little preliminary research.

Best Wishes to all in the New Year !

2012-01-01, 02:18
Copying the "prefs" directory should copy all settings both for LMS itself and its plugins. You will find the location of the "Preference Folder" by looking in LMS Settings/Information.

If you use some of my plugins, you might also have configured separate configuration directories in respective plugin settings page, in this case you want to copy these directories too.

And if you use TrackStat plugin, remember to do a TrackStat backup on the old computer and restore it on the new one. Note that TrackStat will only be able to restore the statistics and ratings properly if the path to the music files is the same on the new computer unless you have musicbrainz id tags in your music files.

2012-01-01, 08:21
Thank you very much Erland.