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2011-12-31, 11:19
I have a Squeezebox Classic and use it to listen to internet radio. On some stations, the artist and track information is displayed on the stream which on some others it is not. I am trying to get information to help amazingradio.com whose artist & track info is broadcast on DAB radios through their standard streaming however when amazingradio.com streams on a squeezebox classic, just some basic station and program ID information is broadcast.
Does anyone know what streaming data protocol has to be broadcast by a station in order that the artist and track information is displayed ?

2011-12-31, 11:58
Try a Google search of "Shoutcast metadata"

First two hits for me are:


(which seems to be the starting point for most other descriptions)



also useful is:


What maybe isn't so clear is that the Artist & Title information are conventionally concatonated in a single StreamTitle='' string, separated by a hyphen. The album artwork is derived from the StreamUrl='' string.

Hope this helps....

2011-12-31, 15:03
Thanks Florca, I'll pass that on to the tech people at Amazing Radio. When you refer to Shoutcast, is that because you know that default radio access from a Squeezebox is via Shoutcast ? The reason I ask is that the Logitech Squeezebox seems to access internet radio first via mysqueezebox.com and then via a generic search as far as I can see. In other words, the search for Amazing Radio was not made within the Shoutcast app.

2011-12-31, 15:53
No, TuneIn.com is the default stream aggregator for SqueezeBox.
Amazing Radio is on both, TuneIn & ShoutCast, neither show the correct metadata.

2012-01-01, 03:25
Thanks Toby, that's a great help.