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2004-10-18, 03:15

Without sounding corny, the squeezebox will change your life, if not
your lifestyle. No more flipping through the multitude of CDs. No more
having to listen to your mp3s and other formats of music at your
computer with the crappy speakers. No more needing your computer next
to the stereo in order to hear the music through good speakers.

Welcome to the world of total music control at your figertips. You'll
listen to music you may have long forgotten about. You'll start buying
music again. You may even find yourself scouring yard sales and such to
grab CDs. You'll probably even record some of those tapes and albums
that have been collecting dust over the last few years. You may decide
that is a waste of time and open up an account at allofmp3.com and grab
music from there. You'll buy more hard drive space just so you can
house your massive collection of music. And when you need more, you can
just go out and buy more. No worries about exceeding your capacity,
because there really isn't one.

Do you feel like listening at work? No problem, as long as you're
reasonably technical, you can do some ssh port forwarding at home and
run softqueeze on your office machine and voila! you've got access to
all that music from your office.

Yes, buy a squeezebox. I have a slimp3 and a squeezebox wireless and
don't have any problems. I had tried to run my slimp3 in wireless
syncronized up to the sb and it didn't ever work quite right, so I went
the powerline networking route and haven't had any troubles at all


>>> steven (AT) mooreni (DOT) freeserve.co.uk 10/18/04 4:31 AM >>>
Hi all,

I've been reading the discussion list posts now for a couple of weeks
and I am rather put off buying a squeezebox because of all the problems
that are coming up. There was a post by Neil that complained his box
(slimp 3) never worked properly.

Would you sill recommend the squeezebox, or should I hold off?

Steven Moore