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Julian Griffiths
2004-10-18, 03:11
Hello Wes,

The other files you've tried streaming, are they all Flac files too? I
recently bought a slimserver and had a similar-sounding problem, but only
when I played Ogg and Flac files - MP3 and WAV played fine.

The solution I chanced upon doesn't make much sense to me: switch off
ZoneAlarm. My Flac/Ogg files will only play smoothly if ZoneAlarm isn't
active, whereas MP3 and WAV files don't seem to mind either way. I will
eventually post this solution to the thread I started (first I'm going to
check whether different versions of ZoneAlarm make any difference), but it
might be worth trying to see if it works for you.

Good luck!


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Subject: [slim] Random music pauses during playback?

My squeeze box is randomly, and frequently, pausing the music stream and I
need some help.

It will play around 2 sec, stops playing for 2 sec, then play for 3 more
seconds etc...

I'm running server v5.3.1 (production version), on Windows XP SP2, with a
ZoneAlarm F.W.

When I play via softsqueeze on the same machine as the server the music
plays smooth and without problem.

I'm streaming FLAC over a wired network, and the network seems to be working

I checked both the Digital and analog out of the squeezebox and the behavior
is the same. I've tried to stream different files and the behavior is the

It seems odd to me that the clock keeps counting even when the music is
stopping. This might mean something to someone. So by the time it gets to
the end of a song it has negative time remaining. It doesn't sound like
dropped packets, when it starts back up and it is right where it left off.

This is really not listenable. : (

Hopefully someone will think of something I can try. I'm stumped.

Thanks for everyone's help.

cincinnati, OH


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