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Simon Turner
2004-10-18, 02:01
This is a list where people report problems. Those that don't have any
problems don't tend to send posts saying "I'm doing fine". In addition many
of the users here are geeks (and/or developers) and live on the bleeding
edge by updating their Slimserver every day with the latest nightly
releases. Stick to the latest official release, and with a non-esoteric set
up you should join the thousands of others who run the
Slimserver/Softsqueeze/Squeezebox without any problems at all.

Squeezebox is a great bit of kit.

To list members... the "geek" comment is a joke, right!

Simon Turner
Brighton UK

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> Hi all,
> I've been reading the discussion list posts now for a couple of weeks
> and I am rather put off buying a squeezebox because of all the problems
> that are coming up. There was a post by Neil that complained his box
> (slimp 3) never worked properly.
> Would you sill recommend the squeezebox, or should I hold off?
> Steven Moore