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2004-10-17, 19:51
Looking back on my records I found that I bought my SlimP3 from Slim Devices
direct back on August 16 2003. Good grief! 14 months with a device that
has never worked to specification - a long time to put up with stuttering
music. And then to find that it was never intended to work with wireless
networking. Never told this in all my previous (and copious) correspondence
with this never-ending issue. And with the Squeezebox coming out only two
to three weeks after I got mine - plus I had to send the first one back as
it was faulty.
I think I deserve a replacement for my patience with thing alone!

Best wishes,
Neil Hunt

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And nobody told me this when I bought it so many months ago (along with all
the wifi gear)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Best wishes,
Neil Hunt
General Manager, Theatre of Image
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Try 1100 or 1200.

Sorry you're having trouble with SLIMP3. I know this isn't much help,
but we did vastly improve the efficiency of streaming with Squeezebox.
SLIMP3 just wasn't originally designed to run over wireless networks,
which often have high rates of packet loss.


On Oct 15, 2004, at 5:28 PM, Neil wrote:

> OK so I have reduced the packet size to 800 on my SlimP3 which has
> meant
> that the big silent gaps have now stopped happening on my wifi set up
> but I
> still get at least two - what can I call them - hesitations? - in every
> track. They are really disconcerting to hear. I have also set up the
> encoding feature to re-encode to 192 - I dunno if that helps or not.
> I have
> also turned on the buffer display which shows it is sitting around
> 98-99%. I
> have no idea if this good, bad or indifferent....
> Seriously thinking of plugging in an ipod and giving up on this
> time-waster.
> Best wishes,
> Neil Hunt
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Kevin O. Lepard
2004-10-18, 07:43
>I think I deserve a replacement for my patience with thing alone!

The SLIMP3 has a _wired_ interface. It was never advertised as being
designed for wireless use, although some people have had success with

As for the product update near the time you bought the slimp3, that
happens to everyone in more than one area merchandising.

Kevin O. Lepard
kolepard (AT) charter (DOT) net

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