View Full Version : Opening m3u playlists in WMP10

2011-12-27, 08:08

I am having an infurating time with playlists. I have created a playlist using my squeezebox controller (duet) which is saved in a 'playlist' folder on my server (running WHS - not 2011 version). Everything works as expected from the squeezebox side of things.

However, I want to sync/copy the tracks in that playlist to my daughters MP3 player (not apple). So I try to open the playlist in WMP 10 knowing that I can sync a playlist to an MP3 player as I've done it previously. But no matter what I do, WMP will not open the M3U playlist file.

All I get is Error ID = 0xC00D11CD, Condition ID = 0x00000000 'Windows media player encountered an unknown error'

So where is the problem? WMP or Squeezebox?

I use WMP 10 to rip all my CDs to the server, WHS won't let me install a later version of WMP or reinstall the standalone version of WMP10 because it comes with WHS SP2, the standalone install doesn't work.

The squeezebox seems to be happy reading playlists created in WMP10 that are in wpl format. Can I get the squeezebox to create playlists in wpl format?