View Full Version : L/R Swap when streaming PCM

2004-10-17, 14:40

I noticed that the L/R channels were swapped today for the first time in a
while. As I only stream flacs this was annoying as I couldn't find an mp3
to reset it!

I then discovered that I could repeat it (randomly) if I left a track
playing and then broke the connection from server to client. If I power off
the client mid track, the server blocks, but seems to leave the decoding app
(flac in my case) mid track ready to start up again. If I then broke the
connection from client to server (test case was by rebooting the
squeezebox), when the track is unpaused it continues, but at random
left/right status.

It seems to me that its probably best to stop the track playback when the
power off button it pressed, kill the decoding app (e.g. flac) etc and flush
out any pcm samples in the path from server to client?

If this is not the only cause of swapped channels, would be it possible to
create a simple option to reset the pcm firmware and flush the stream of
samples without needing to find an mp3 file?

Server is running recent nightly (15th I think), client latest firmware.

Thanks in advance,


2011-12-30, 15:41
First up I know this is a really old post I'm replying to, but I noticed this today on my SB3.

I was actually trying to compare the sound of two digital sources (SB3 and Marantz CD63) into my DAC by switching DAC inputs, and noticed that the channels were reversed on the SB3 at one point.

I skipped forward to the next track and back again and they were correct again.

Any ideas?

It was from a FLAC file but streamed as PCM (i.e., decoded in LMS).
Version LMS 7.7.1 r33750