View Full Version : Happy holidays!

2011-12-24, 12:20
I know I'm a bit early by international standards, but in Norway the holiday starts at 5 P.M. on the 24th (and we start unwrapping the gifts in the evening, right after dinner), so I think it's only natural for a Norwegian to start this thread.

God jul! (Good yule!) to all Squeezeheads (and those who love us). ;)

2011-12-24, 17:30
It's just into Christmas Day here in the UK and I'm still here fiddling about with the Squeezebox and my music collection rather than down the pub. Sad really :D

And I won 2.20 on Euromillions yesterday so I have money to burn...

2011-12-24, 17:39
In a pre-Xmas spirit, we watched The Inside Job as our festive movie - boy, are we mad!!! Seems you can fool most of the people most of the time. A happy and prosperous New Year to all those bankers, hedge fund managers, and the rest of the rotten lot!

Keep on shopping, your country needs you!