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2011-12-22, 00:26
Hi all,
I have a quick Podcast question. I haven't used Podcasts on the Squeezebox for years, but decided today to add a few. I have a Podcast App installed, and by going to iTunes, I found I can select a Podcast I have their by right click, and "copy" the URL. If I go to the Podcast app in my Squeezebox Server, I can easily add them. On the web interface in the server, it all seems to work, i.e. when I click on Podcasts, it sees the new podcast and all their different episodes.

But on my squeezeboxes themselves, it seems to only have some old Podcasts I set up years ago. I did press "apply" on the squeezebox server, so I am wondering why it is seen on that web interface, but not on the boxes themselves.

Any ideas?

2011-12-22, 03:23
I have found out something interesting. The older Podcasts are from the MySqueezebox.com settings. I can add podcasts to this from the MySqueezebox website and then that is the options showing on all my Squeezeboxes.

But since I connect directly to Mysqueezebox.com and use a server for my collection I find this odd.

Why does the Podcast app work at the server (via web browser) but not on the actual devices?

2011-12-22, 03:34
IIRC the old Podcast plugin and the new Podcast app are incompatible.

Do not enable both at the same time - you will have problems if you do.

Just stick to the new Podcast App and access it from the My Apps menu on the player.