View Full Version : I want to stream Mark Levin

2011-12-20, 20:52
I have a squeezebox radio and I was able to stream Mark Levin directly from his website, until I got a new server. Now, I can't remember how I got it. The player is here: http://player.streamtheworld.com/_players/citadel/?sid=2059

I cant seem to browse to it on my Radio. Any help?

2011-12-20, 21:25
I have no trouble if I use the WebUI to SBS (yes, I'm using 7.6.1), select the player and then type Mark Levin in the Internet Radio search box. Don't know how'd you do that from the radio itself, but you should be able to have it play on the radio using the WebUI.

2011-12-21, 03:26
Same way on all, Radio or LMS or MySB, Internet Radio > Search > *Levin*

2011-12-21, 09:48