View Full Version : Organising flacs and mp3s to different players.

2011-12-20, 13:02
I have searched on the forum and not found an answer to my problem.

I have most of my collection in flac. I have converted these to mp3s and store bothsets of files. There are more mp3s than flacs, but not by much.
I have a slimp3, receiver and touch.
I absolutely do not want to transcode on the server (running on a plug computer).

I clearly need to serve mp3s to the slimp3, as it does not support anything else. Ideally I would like to stream flacs to the other two.

How do people manage this ? How do you set up the server and library ? Is this possible ?


2011-12-20, 13:54
Would the multi-library plugin help? then use the "mp3 library" for the one player?