View Full Version : Playlist Confusion: which is which?

2011-12-17, 15:29
I am a Squeezebox 3 user with SqueezePad on my iPad. I use the Triode Spotify Plugin and have been getting confused about playlist creation and use. Perhaps it is something I am doing wrong.

I should also mention that I use iTunes to organize my music.

I seem to see different playlists on the Squeezebox Browser (I guess it is now called the Logitech Media Server) on my MacBook Pro

1. There is a Playlist under "My Music" which seems to include my iTunes playlists as well as playlists formed when I "Save" the playlist from the right side of the Media Server or the SqueezePad App (basically the Now Playing Playlist).

2. There is a completely different Playlist found on the Media Server under MY APPS/ SPOTIFY

This playlist seems to contain ONLY those Albums which I have added from the Left side of the Media Server from within the Spotify page. When I click on the "M" near the Album I select "Add to Playlist". This Playlist only contains albums I add in this way.

Also, I do not know how to Add multiple albums to these playlists. For example, when i choose another album to add to this playlist and I select "add to existing playlist", I get yet another playlist selection. This one is a HUGE playlist of everything including my iTunes playlists and individual albums???

3. Another playlist can be found under My Apps/ SPOTIFY playlist and is a listing named "SPOTIFY PLAYLIST" . THis seems to be only playlists formed in the SPOTIFY BROWSER APP on my MacBook Pro and NOT the playlists formed with the MediaServer.

Can someone tell me what is going on and what I might be doing wrong. I would like to create spotify playlists from the Media Server and be able to Add new Albums to these playlists.



2011-12-18, 13:05
Is there somewhere else I can post this to get a reply? Newbie forum? or?